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I had a NPC in my DnD campaign named Old Man Grizzler
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Random Encounter is a guild for older/mature gamers. Our lives radiate way outside of what goes on in World of Warcraft. We are laid back and are not to worried about being the first guild to down every boss on the server first but we will take every moment we have while we do it seriously. While we may not be the first, we strive to be the best we can at whatever it is we are doing. We take our time seriously because many of us don't have a lot of it.

We at Random Encounter do not look at age as a simple number. Your maturity and general interaction with the guild is what we are looking at. If you're a 16 year old with a mature demeanor and attitude you are more than welcome to join.

We are currently working towards building a team to take on all of the content the game has to offer. We want to build a cohesive unit of casual yet skilled players. We hope to have all types of players including a competitive raiding group. When raiding does start we are going to plan for 2 nights a week for 3/4 hours.(This may be adjusted) The main goal of the guild is going to be a community where all types of players can come together and play without the fear of drama. My goal for the guild has always been about not just being another chat channel but a place you can truly call home.

You may click here to enter the forums and begin your application process.

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